The Sweet Tee Comic Series

Sometimes it’s not an opportunity you have to wait for, it’s an idea you have to make an opportunity.

Sweet Tee is a character that embodies the spirit of so many of my sistas and how we all have evolved.  Our twenty-somethings was full of selfish good times, making choices based on unfounded regard for moral code, thinking our plans were going to unfold just as we imagined them and trying to slow down the clock to turning thirty!  In hindsight, everyone has 20/20 vision. When I think about my twenties, I erupt in belly-laughter.  But sometimes, I remember the not so funny moments.  The ones I’m ashamed of. They say your thirties are dedicated to cleaning up the mess you made in your twenties.  Well, hopefully, the Sweet Tee series will allow me to make it squeaky clean.

Click the thumbnails below to get acquainted with Sweet Tee and her cast.