I designed this planning product specifically for someone like me.  I’m a single parent (QUKING) who has decided to take on the responsibility of raising a child without the daily presence of a father, while continuing to pursue my personal dreams.  In order for me to be productive and effective, planners help make that possible. I’ve run across a community of planners and I’ve found some that I’ve liked. But they are not quite customizable to single parents with a lot on their plate, who live by the infamous to-do lists sticky note.  But let’s face it, sometimes to-do lists are lost, the list gets longer and longer, or the list never quite gets accomplished.  So I created this to-do daily planing sheet to help you itemize your to-do list in a more user-friendly layout.  I also created a December month-at-a-view calendar to complement the daily planning sheet.

Click on the link or image below to print.  Print copies for the entire week, punch 3-ring holes and place in a binder for your own one-of-a-kind planner.  This planning product is specifically ideal for women who are parenting while continuing to pursue their personal goals.



QUKING to-do daily-03