The Kendu Isaacs Effect

Seek and find a woman with a history of unrequited love.

Pretend you’re the man she’s prayed for, but gave up on, the kind Tyler Perry would write into a play.

Discover her weakness, that’s her entry point.

Shower her with compliments, honor the things about her no other man has acknowledged.

Share your children with her, let them slip up and call her “Mom” every now and again.

Then slowly, use her trust in you, to treasure your world: Increase your network, your wardrobe, give yourself opportunities in the luxuries of her talents.

Finally, remove the mask you’ve been tired of wearing by doing something so GUTTER…it would pain her to be in your presence.

Let it be her idea to end it and your pleasure to profit from it.

Hopefully by now, you will have improved your life so much, you can finally get the woman you’ve always prayed for, but gave up on.


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