PRIDE – Cut You Off

LOGLINE: An ensemble cast, strengthened and damaged by PRIDE, struggles to navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and truth.

EPISODE 1 – “Cut You Off: JAI”



Music Cue: “PRIDE” by, KENDRICK LAMAR fills the scene as the intro reverberates the moment that unfolds to the following


Camera slowly pans from manicured feet upward. A curvaceous woman, melanin-type stands in front of a full-length mirror. She’s putting on lingerie and as the camera pans up, her facial expression reveals MELANCHOLY. CLOSEUP of her face a tear falls. Meet JAI (31) pride-filled, alluring, but insecure. SEDUCTION still manages to PERMEATE from her essence. She TURNS HER ATTENTION OVER HER SHOULDER.

WIDE ANGLE – pulls back to reveal a man occupying the bed behind her, sleeping soundly. She BITES HER LIP, looks down, in deep reflective thought. The beat is bombastic as SHE TURNS AROUND TO FACE HIM. Camera flashes to montages of their love-making the night before. She retrieves her sundress from the floor, and tosses it over her head. As she pulls it around her curvaceous body, she is alarmed by him beginning to wake up. She rushes over on tip-toes, grabbing her keys and phone from the dresser, careful not to COMPLETELY waken him. Her phone begins to vibrate. She quickly silences it without looking at the screen. She searches the room to make sure she hasn’t left anything behind.

DARRYL (awakening)

Jai –

DARRYL (33) charming, sexy, narcissist – is awakening, attempting to get JAI’s attention, which he always does.

JAI pulls the hotel room door closed behind her as she makes way to leave. Her phone vibrates again. She ignores it.


She increases her pace to exit the building as she feels her phone vibrating continuously.


Kendrick’s lyrics intensify to underscore the moment. She steps outside onto the street, and pulls her phone out, swipes, and reads the message.

INSERTTEXT MESSAGE: I hope you enjoyed yourself.

CLOSEUP She looks frazzled, confused, looking forward into the camera, then to the left, she is instantly hit by a car. THE MUSIC CUTS. We see people out of focus in shock running towards her.


Look, I tried.

CLOSEUP slow motion shot of JAI rolling up over the car and on the ground landing on her back.


But…to be honest…I’m not even surprised that it came to this. And neither should you.

CLOSEUP JAI plops on her back against the sidewalk behind her and a smile creeps up on her face.

JAI’s POV, in and out of focus looking up at a starry night sky. Then unfamiliar faces enter the frame.

CLOSEUP a man stands over her with his phone pulled out, dialing 911.

MAN (urgent)

Yes…we need an ambulance on 23rd and Humble Ave!

BEAT (pause)

MAN (CONT’D) (looking at her closer)

Wait…is this –

MUSIC PRIDE reprises for a hard, acapella ending.


Opening title letters type on the screen —
P     R     I     D    E

ACT ONE (cont’d) —–>


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