Everyday we are being faced with new challenges that plague our world with hatred. Hate is a sickness that can only be cured with LOVE. Join the campaign to promote a trend that should forever be a mainstay in our hearts, communities, and world. Love will consistently affect change, promote human understanding, and wipe out the social ills that are fueled by hatred. It is a one-size-fits-all approach to the current undertaking sweeping our nation, let it begin with LOVE, because it MATTERS!


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Juneteenth Tee

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juneteenthwhiteOn June 19, 1865, the residue of slavery was finally extracted from the origin of its roots in the South.  As you may recall, the Emancipation Proclamation (1863) only freed slaves who lived in the southern Confederate states.  These slaves were allowed to join the Union Army and fight for the abolishment of slavery.  The war was won, however, the fight to illegalize slavery was a slow, stubborn, debilitating process. It wasn’t until two years later, that the news finally reached Texas.  Towards the final curtain call of the Civil War, many slaveholders retreated to Texas, due to its geographical isolation and lack of Union presence in the state.  But on June 19, 1865, after General Robert E. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865, federal troops, led by General Major Granger, landed  at Galveston, Texas with news that the war was over and that the enslaved were free.  The jubilation ensued, and thus, we continue this celebration of independence from the chains that shackled African Americans to an initial existence of bondage, servitude, and degradation.

CMN is here!!!

I finally received my shipment and I couldn’t be happier.  My coloring and creativity book for young girls everywhere thinking about going natural, transitioning to natural, or already natural… the wait is over!

Read more about my purpose behind Color Me Natural here.

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Stuck on my culture

I love my culture.  Recently, I did an Ancestry.com DNA test and discovered that I am 75% CoiteD’voire/Ghanian/Malian/Nigerian and 22% British/French/German.  So while I am thankful for all the cultures that have come together to make me the person I am, I am extremely excited about the African part.  As you know in American culture, African Americans know nothing about their ancestors prior to the induction of slavery.  I cried when I received the results.  So excuse my ethnocentric ways at the moment, but I am deeply happy about my findings.

I also love stickers.  I believe they are the alternative method of graffiti tagging, for those of us who are too chicken to break the law and vandalize with traditional spray paint.


In celebration of the coming Juneteenth, the final round of legal abolishment of slavery in America, I decided to design images to reflect and embrace the black culture as I know it.

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A portion of all proceeds are donated to efforts that promote creative programs for our youth.

God bless everyone!

Phase 1: Book Complete

COLOR ME NATURAL: A Young Girl’s Guide to Having Natural Hair, Coloring & Creativity Book

It’s no secret that in the African American community we wrestle with the social acceptance of our natural hair state.  We have such dichotomous labels as “good hair” and “bad hair” that continue to pin us against each other.  This division also continues to perpetuate a negative perception of our self-worth, and if we don’t fall in the “good hair” category, we deem our hair undesirable and shameful.

I was an educator for thirteen years and when I would overhear my female students reject their hair because it was not good, over and over again, I was an interventionist.  In our culture, we continue to repeat a generational cycle of the inevitable rite of passage, getting a relaxer.  I recalled the first day I received a “mild-kiddie-relaxer”….I was excited. Finally my hair would be deemed appropriate and straight as it should be.  My hair was thick and long when it was applied.  As the years progressed, it became shorter and I began to hear words like “broken ends”.  And then my hair would do this thing that beauticians would call “new growth”…the natural state of my hair would show up at the roots, uninvited, unwanted, and I was back in the beautician’s chair, getting another relaxer applied to the roots.

I created this book and the characters for middle school years’ girls that our struggling with their hair and being themselves.  It starts with the hair follicle and penetrates into our spirit.  When I became natural three years ago, I realized that it was less about a curl pattern and more about self acceptance.  I would finally give my hair permission to be what God intended it to be…and nonetheless, so it would manifest in my heart and then my life.  I realized that there were so many things I was slapping something else on top of to cover up and become what others thought was appropriate and okay.  Becoming natural is less about a trend and more about a lifestyle.  I want this book and the movement behind it to encourage others that the way your hair comes out is exactly how you should live, unrelaxed and carefree!


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"A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men." ~ Proverbs 18:16


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