I’ve always had somewhat of a borderline love for stickers.keshajocomic

As a child, I starved for the stars, and that ever-so-popular very good red apple sticker.  (#Igrewupinthe80s)

Through my own perusing the world of design, I’ve noticed a trend that has slowly been evolving, and has now translated into the world of pop culture.

Why not stick your image to a bathroom stall to promote yourself or publicize your recent work?

As for me, I am shameless when it comes to how you plug yourself, or the business you’re attempting to brand.

D-Watkins gave me that opportunity.  I designed these stickers, and the rest…well, let’s just say it’ll be quite the treasure hunt, to find them in the most public places.




I love to keep up.

I think I have a trend nerve or something, because like Jay said, “I’m on to the next one.” I can’t help myself.  I’m always trying to sit shotgun, trying to see what’s coming towards me or further down the road.  A mainstay in my design mind.

After doing Dee’s work, I was intrigued to offer a token of appreciation to him.  I mean…let’s be honest, for those of you who really know me, know that I’m a DIY, self-taught, guerrilla artist.  No real formal training, it’s in my DNA to create.  Learned from my father.  Visions from my mother.  So, he took a chance on me.  I’m sure he could have taken his business to some sophisticated graphic design loft in downtown Baltimore.  But..he took the advice of a dear, mutual friend.  And the rest…well, that’s God’s work.  So, I decided to draw a digital cartoon of D.


Pushed it thru IG, with a typical plug to the writer, and soon my inboxes from all four social channels began to flood with “Can I get one?”, “Can you make a caricature of me for my business?”.  I was flattered first, and then dumbfounded.  Really?  People like this?

Digital drawings are like the new -ish.  I have a few digital artists that I borderline stalk on IG, who have some of the most impressive digital portraiture I’ve ever seen.  (EXCUSE ME: Let me say this, I’m inspired by artists, but I do not copy their work.  I think that’s insulting and disrespectful to their gift.  All I do is study the greats, and then find a way to incorporate their influence in my style.)  Nonetheless, I did some research and found that people charge anywhere from $30 to $200 for caricatures. The former/cheaper range of prices were more from artists who were creating simple hand drawn caricatures.  You would think that would be more expensive, but honestly, digital drawing, for me anyway…takes a lot longer than hand drawing an image.  Hence the latter/more expensive range of prices, you’re paying for the time and the versatility of what you can do with your digital design (make it a profile pic, put it on a business card) versus the hand drawn one.

So…I say all of that to say….I’m nowhere close to that chick sitting on a folding chair at your favorite amusement park.  Drawing overly-proportioned features of a beaming, hyper, ants-in-yo-pants kid, or an eclectic, cup-caking couple.  I might though…just be that chick, who can draw cartoon portraits as thank you offerings for her clients.  Taking a chance on me, I’m humbly grateful and I don’t mind.


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