About Ke.Sha.Jo.

This is me.  Looking like the cast of Footloose.  I’m Kendra…”write”fully known as KeShaJo.  If you’re wondering about the psuedonym, it’s a combination of my first, middle, and last names.  Cute. Right?

Anyways, I was born in a barn in the middle of the United Arab Emirates.  The daughter of an Ethiopian princess and an Arabian hip hop artist.  Okay, that was clearly the whitest lie I have ever told.  Truthfully, I’m a country girl…from a small town.  So small, there are one, two, three, four, five, six, and now seven traffic lights in the entire span of its invisible lines.  Looking from Google Earth its quite the farming-friendly area but it’s my hometown and I wouldn’t trade my native address for any busy city. 

Growing up, I was a tomboy and I think I still hold on to the PS3 controllers like one.  I love fashion, music, sports, and did I say fashion?  I would love to be like Martha Stewart, a more browner version, of course.  But, I love creativity.  It has challenged art to unfold in so many ways  and I’m glad that I’ve been nurturing this relationship since I was a little girl.  I’m a girl who loves her Sharpies like she loves round toe pumps.  My life has it’s own soundtrack and I’ve got a Jones for using my hands!  If I had a permanent tool belt there would be compartments for a Phillips screwdriver, a seam ripper, sewing needles, my iPhone, a wooden pencil, cake decorating tips, a calligraphy pen, measuring tape, black and white film, a Wii remote, and a Sharpie, of course. 

I’m a writer first.  Before I learned to draw from my Dad, my mother taught me to write.  She’s not much of the artist, but she was the first to show me how words can also showcase creative expression.  I’ll write about anything and if a paying entity needed me to digress, I could get more blog-specific, like some bloggers have chosen to be.  But I’m all over the place…like my gifts, my mood changes and therefore, so does my content.  I can be down right vulgar one day and in the simmering dew of the rising sun, rest my words in the cradle of a beautiful computerized landscape. 

Oh well, you’ll see as you get to know me through clicks and toggles, that I’m just an ole’ country girl with a wayfaring attitude.  To my critics and fans, I apologize and thank you in advance!

Kendra “KeShaJo”

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